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2022 Rose Bowl Game: Everything You need to know

The Rose Bowl for the college football team camps of the 2021 season is scheduled to take place January 1, 2022, which is New Year’s Day. This bowl game will be played between the Utah Utes and the Ohio State Buckeyes.

This is the first time that Utah is appearing in this bowl game and both fans and players are excited. They are the first team representing the Pac 12 in this title game.

2022 Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl will be held in Pasadena, California.

The game is set to begin at 2 p.m Pacific time and 3 p.m Mountain Time. This game will be aired live on the ESPN network. The game will be held at the annual stadium, Rose Bowl Stadium. This is where the game has been held for many years and due to the size and the weather this is still a great option to play some football.

For this Rose Bowl Game, #11 Utah is going to take on #6 Ohio State. Utah and Ohio State have played once before back in 1986. Utah lost this game 64-6 and they are looking to change history n this game.

Those that are looking to attend the Rose Bowl in person will need to have some information before they make a purchase. There are still some tickets left for the game. All tickets will be sent digitally and they can be retried on a smartphone.

There are plenty of places to stay near the stadium. Some are even offering transportation to the game and all of the pregame fun. Tickets can be purchased online and they will be ready to go on the day of the game.

If a person is not able to make it out to California there are still ways to watch the Rose Bowl. A person can turn on ESPN and they will be able to see pre and post game action. Those that speak Spanish, can watch the game on Univision so they can understand all of the commentaries that are happening.

A person does not need cable to watch the game. They will be able to live stream the action as it happens. Those with a computer or even a smartphone can head to and they will be able to stream the game.

The Rose Bowl will also be shown on Hulu and it will be on ExpressVPN. This will allow a person to see the action without having to sign up for cable.

Those outsides of the United States can also watch the Rose Bowl. Depending on the country of residence they will need to check with their local cable provider or streaming service.

They will need to note the times. All of the times are in Pacific time. The time of the game will also vary by time zone and country of residence.

The Rose Bowl is one of the biggest college football games to be played. This game is scheduled for New Year’s Day and the teams are ready to fight for the championship.

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